Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Plaza Inn Hong Kong Disneyland

This Plaza Inn looks just like the one in Disneyland! Which is awesome! Except the interior was a shock to my system. I also find it strange that the Plaza Inn looks just like it does in Disneyland when there is no Tiki Room attached to it in the back.
Yay! Here's where it starts to get strange or at least different. 

Here are the awesome Chinese lamps in the middle of the room. Those glowing things among the fake grass on Fish! I like the overall decor

Here's the ceiling, love the panels and shapes etc. 

A wide view of the restaurant. Check out the awesome Chinese murals in the left corner. The server is totally in the way though. 

Here's a great panorama including the center piece that's not blurry. Love the chinese atmosphere and decor. Just saying that again, because it is easier to get a feel for it here. Also note the fish in the grass. The lights and the fish change colors from red, to purple and blue etc. 

The Plaza Inn was where I went for the pre-park opening character breakfast! The first character to make the rounds was Mulan! Also Get ready for some pictures of me and my family and Disney Characters! 

Here's the type of awesome Dim Sum you can get at the Plaza Inn. I loved it. I actually ate here both days I was in Hong Kong Disneyland

Here is how you get your food. They push around carts which have signs on the front telling you what food items the cart is carrying. It's fun. 

My family with Mulan! Mulan spoke English, Japanese and Chinese. It was amazing. She had a lovely conversation with us. Also notice that the lights in the background are now blue! 

Chip & Dale are pretty much my favorite Disney characters ever or at least the ones I find most amusing and subversive. If you don't know what I'm talking about just think about it for a while. 

Anyway That's it from the Plaza Inn in Hong Kong Disneyland! 

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