Friday, April 2, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland's Fantasyland

This is my favorite thing in Fantasyland!
HAHAHAH! Just kidding there are no Stich CD players in Fantasyland! But there are in Tomorrowland, which is just as bad. Moving on to actual Fantasyland! 

Mickey's PhilharMagic! This means that Disneyland is the only park that does not have PhilharMagic or a future PhilharMagic. Also I think it is interesting that this Mickey's PhilharMagic uses the same facade as Pinnocchio's village haus. 

Dumbo with Water Feature! I actually rode this Dumbo, it was the first time I rode dumbo in a very long time. Also I found it a little strange that as you leave the line area you get a boarding pass to make sure that no one tries to take an extra Dumbo. This is a surprisingly fun ride. 

Here is the Carousel! It's nice! I'm not sure I have anything else to say about it! It was fun!

I love the Disneyland castle. I love the colors of this castle. I just like this shot again. 

The Banquet Hall! and more pictures to follow! 

The Beast and Belle Dancing in the Banquet Hall. No one is eating here. 

Here is Cinderella and Prince Charming? Some people are eating here! 

Here is the center piece of the restaurant! Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming(?). Sorry I really should know the names of the princes in Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, but they're just so boring. Check out the interesting food options. Sushi and Dim Sum. 

Yay for Skylights! 

Here is a fun Mural that recreates the final scene from Sleeping Beauty, but instead of just Sleeping Beauty and her Beau dancing it's all of the Disney Princesses or at least a few of them, Mulan included. 

Here is Hong Kong Disneyland's Fantasy Gardens! This is exclusive to Hong Kong it's essentially just a character meet and greet area, but it is nice looking, more pictures to follow. 

I like wait time signs

the one in the center is definitely Mulan's pavilion, not really sure about the other one in the frame, maybe Alice in Wonderland. 

Look at that cute bridge! It's not even water it's just cute flowers! 

Interesting Fantasy Gardens Lamp post! 

People wondering why this wasn't open yet. I was wondering the same thing.

More of the Fantasy Gardens color palette! Pink and Purple for everyone! 

Now this Dumbo poster is actually in Town Square, but it is a for a Fantasyland ride. But what I love about this poster is that Dumbo is pink! This is awesome because originally Walt wanted the Dumbo attraction to have the Pink Elephants from Dumbo's Hallucination. Eventually it occurred to Walt that having a ride based on an Alcoholic induced hallucination might not be the best idea and hence it was turned into the actual Dumbo although it is hard to explain multiple grey dumbos. I just liked that they brought that idea back for the poster.

That's all I've got from Fantasyland in Hong Kong! 

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