Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hub at Hong Kong Disneyland

Something very important is missing here. Anyone want to guess what it is. 

I'm not really sure why the partners statue isn't here at Hong Kong Disneyland, but if anyone knows please tell me. 

I have no idea if High School Musical is at all popular in China or Hong Kong but there is a show in the hub. It's so amazing that doesn't have a big three next to it like it does in Walt Disney World. I just wanted everyone to know the High School Musical craze is taking over the world. 

Here's a poster that was sitting by a closed off path from the hub. It's a cute little sign. I was hoping it would mention the three new lands coming to Hong Kong and that this was the way to get to them. I learned after my trip that this most certainly is not where the three new lands are. 

Hub-irific!  love the curvy lines. 

This is the view down Main Street from the Hub as everyone gears up for the parade, which was lots of fun. Although I sadly neglected to take pictures of the parade.

The Grand Marshals of the parade which I did take pictures of. Maybe this is when my iPhone died. That's really my only excuse. 

Before the parade but after the Grand Marshals came through was one last chance for the balloons and drinks. I love the design on the beverage cart which is helpfully obscured by a balloon-hankering child. Also they're cut off but notice the slightly different design of the Mickey Balloons. I don't think you can find Mickey (or Stitch) Balloons like that at any other park 

Here's where you get on the friendly Main Street Omnibus which will be the star in its own post later on.

Here is a look at the covered terrace of the Main St. Corner Cafe which takes the place of the corn dog cart and general open space at Disneyland. It's interesting. Also it's taken from the hub which is why it is in this post. 

Look it is the back of people's heads!!!!! Actually it should be the Hong Kong Disneyland castle from the hub. 

Looking down the Main Street from the Hub! 

That's all from the Hub at Hong Kong Disneyland! 

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