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Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Street (Part 1.)

So I took a lot of pictures of Main Street. Main Street is probably my favorite part of any Disney park. I mean I love Adventureland in Disneyland and the 1970s Adventureland in Walt Disney World, but generally as a rule I could spend hours on Main Street. So here are some prelimnary photos of Main Street U.S.A. Some of the photos of the store interiors are super blurry. I'm sorry.
As you may notice Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Street USA is almost the same as Disneyland U.S.A. In fact the color scheme used for the buildings on Town Square is almost exactly the same. But the post on Town Square is forthcoming! 

I'm kind of in love with this Main Street USA logo. In fact I have a pin of it, but let's not go there. I generally took a lot of photos of Trash Cans because I think they're fun.
Here's the cute, quaint little Emporium just like Disneyland! 

Hey everybody it's the friendly Main Street Indian! ahem, excuse me I meant Native American. What I find so amusing about this is that unlike Disneyland there is and never was a Tobacco Shop here hence rending it an echo of something that never exist. Yet, our friendly Native American is still very popular! I managed to squeeze this picture in between two groups posing with him. In fact that little girl in the lower right hand corner was running up to pose with him! 

Look Everybody it's our favorite Crystal Arts! This picture actually showcases two of the major differences between This Main Street USA and the one on in Anaheim. First of all there are no tracks down the middle of main street for certain types of Main Street transportation. But no one fear the Omnibus still travels and sometimes just hangs out, but that's yet another later post. You'd thing the absence of these rails would be inconsequential, but it makes the road seem wider and much more like the Red Carpet Walt wanted it to represent. When I first visited Hong Kong Disneyland I really thought it was much redder than Disneyland, but it is not. Also on "Center Street" there is a large permanent food retailer, they sell fresh fruit and things of the link, much like the small cart on Center Street in Disneyland, but this is huge and has a tent. 

Hey Everybody it's the bakery! While Main Street is like it's Disneyland counterpart the location of the bakery is much closer to the location of the Bakery in Walt Disney World. This was my first stop on my first day I was hoping for a huge cinnamon bun with icing, but the only thing that struck me as appealing was a Mickey Mouse shaped rice crispy treat. Not even that was what I expected. Certainly the offerings there are quite different. 
Here is the Main Street Mercantile. I liked the subtle asian additions to the marquee. 

Here's just a fun little picture. I'd gladly take up residence on 219-A or 219-B Main Street USA. There is one Main Street Realtor but it wasn't open either of the two days I was in Hong Kong (Photo forthcoming).
The Carriage House! I love this building especially at night! Sadly I missed Hong Kong Disneyland after dark a huge misstep on my part, but jetl-ag sometimes wins. Also excuse my doofus finger! 

I love the way they decided to use noodles in the Main Street Corner Cafe Logo. Certainly it isn't something Walt would've seen on Santa Fe or Kansas Ave in Marceline Missouri. At one point there was a plan for a Chinese restaurant on Center Street (the street that intersects Main Street) that would've starred a Confucius Animatronic. Also notice the tag line beneath the logo: "Outdoor Dining On Our Terrace" Rather than the empty space occupied by the Corn Dog stand in Disneyland there is a large covered Terrace that is inclosed and has a rod-iron construction which is quite nice. 

This is the opposite side of center street, there is a whole area for Pin Trading,although there was no one there, I thought it was interesting. 

Now I thought the entirety of Main Street was themed beautifully... except this sign. It looks like some kind of horrible Toy Story Midway Mania reject poorly printed and poorly applied. It was on center street across from the Pin Trading area. I'm hoping this is temporary while they replace it or something. 

From Here on I'll be posting shops interiors starting with the not blurry ones moving to the blurry ones. None of the pictures of the doll house really came out, but each room as a Disney Character hidden in it or an allusion to one. 

THE DOLL HOUSE! (No not the canceled Joss Wheadon show that's Dollhouse)

OH look some not so blurry interior shots! 

Thanks for reading! there will be a new post on Wednesday! If you have any thing you want to add or that you noticed throw it in the comments I'll probably throw it up in the post! 

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