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Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Street Part 2 - Empty Main Street

I arrived in Hong Kong around 8am went to directly to the Hollywood Hotel (check out blog post two for more information), checked in unpacked and raced to the park. When I arrived at 9:30 I was shocked to find that the park hadn't yet oppened. I noticed that one section of turnstiles was open letting certain guests through. After realizing that this were guests going to Character breakfast at the Plaza Inn Restaurant as soon as I returned to the Hollywood Hotel I made reservations for the next day.

While I still love Character breakfasts as much as I have the true treat was being allowed in the park before opening and getting to slowly walk down Hong Kong's Main Street while it was entirely empty.

Here are further Pictures of Hong Kong's Main Street entirely empty:
Here is Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Street Station which was not operational either day. I was very upset by this

Here's everyone's favorite sign in English and Chinese: Here you leave today and enter the worlds of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. Notice that the plaque is the same shape as Disneyland's. 

Town Square! 

More of Town Square!!!! 

Here's the first building in town square as you enter on the left. Honestly I'm not sure what it is.

The right side of Town Square which should look extremely familiar if you frequent Disneyland. It's also important to notice the youth of the most of the trees in this shot which help the parks less-than-fleeting resemblance to it's anaheim counter part about 55 years ago. 

Here is the left side of Town Square. It's important to notice that the Black early automobile is used in the Main Street USA logo is sponsored by UPS much like Hong Kong Disneyland's Rail Road. 

Now we can begin our trip down Main Street in earnest!

Here's the Photo shop! Sponsored by Kodak! Sadly you can not actually buy a digital camera here! I tried after my iPhone's battery died. 

Here's a terribly taken close-up of the Emporium! 

Here's a similarly badly taken photo of the bottom of the Emporium. Note the window above the main entrance. We'll be revisiting it in another post. I also want to mention that this picture is a better representative of the true color of the Emporium. 

Look how empty Main Street is! Yee-Haw! Many similar photos of Main Street empty follow! Allso note the similarity to Disneyland's Main Street and Castle. 

One of my favorite things about Hong Kong Disneyland is the way the mountains add a completely different feel from any other park.

I feel like The Circle Life or something similar momentous should be playing now

I love this small sitting area. Much like the other porches and unused doorways at Disneyland they are my favorite flourishes on Main Street, which I learned about when Disneyland became my home park two years ago. 

A Great Crystal Arts sign!
Here is a close up on the second level of the Main Street Mercantile. I love the small design touches on this building. Also in the center of the photo is a window that showcases the name of the Imagineers who worked on Hong Kong Disney. 

A closer view of Main Street and the castle!

I love Main Street. More faux-doors and real seats. How cute are those buildings, don't you just want to live on the second floor those buildings. 

Here are a few of my absolute favorite buildings on Main Street. The blue building with the porch is one of my, if not my absolute favorite "building" on Main Street. I put the word building in quotes because of course each side of Main Street is one building with multiple facades. 

Here we have Centennial Hall which I thought it was important to take a picture of because it is the Penny Arcade in Disneyland. I also love the paint job. 

Main Street Corner Cafe! 

"The Latest and Best for Sale Here" I love the Architectural differences between the first and second floor of this building. 

Main Street Sweets! I love the pink and blue of this building and the accents above the second floor windows. 

"Taste Tempting Treats" Interestingly enough in all these sweet shops in HOng Kong you will not find what you do in Disneyland or Walt Disney World. You cannot buy fresh sweets or sweets to eat now at all. What you're going to find here is a typically Asian souvenirs which consist of sweets individually wrapped in Disney themed tins. Often Mickey or some other characters graces the cookies. 

Here's the part of Main Street that faces the Hub. You'll notice unlike Disneyland and Walt Disney World there is not Hot Dog restaurant or seating area here, but it is still fun.

Here is the Hub as empty as can be! Also starring the fog! 

Bonus Picture: 

The Mural in Centennial Hall! (Less Blurry this time!) 

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